Five reasons why people choose ecbeing

Installed in over 1000 sites
No.1 sales performance


No.1 share in EC site construction package market for 9 consecutive years. *Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.
We support you in creating a top-selling EC site with:
ample experience from the installation to more than 1000 sites; the powerful team consisted of more than 400 developers specialized in EC site; and one-stop service from system construction, site analysis, design to promotion.
We also take demo site construction and site analysis requests.
Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Full-featured and easy-to-use package/SaaS basic functions
cultivated through experience of the installation to over 1000 sites



  • MAオプション マーケティングオートメーション機能
  • CMSオプション コンテンツ発信・管理
  • オムニチャンネルオプション 顧客情報統合・ポイント統合・在庫連動 等
  • モール連携オプション 楽天・Yahoo!・Amazon等
  • レコメンドオプション レコメンド強化
  • 定期購入 リピート通販に特化した専用システム
  • Amazon Pay連携オプション
  • ゆうパック受取連携オプション
  • 決済連携オプション GMO・ペイジェント・PayPal・Paidy・楽天ID 等
  • 超境EC EMS発送・多言語対応・多通貨クレジット決済 等
  • スマホアプリ不要の動画自動再生機能
  • WEB接客ECサイト接客最適化サービス
  • 簡単操作で高機能なスマホアプリ構築

A variety of styles are available with standard functions
combined with options.
Complicated merging with external services is no longer necessary.

Admin Screen

User-friendly interface, solid security and flexible permission setting

  • Systematic HOME screen
  • Admin user setting / Permission list

Edit intuitively and analyze quickly

  • Easy editing with block editor
  • A/B testing with simple setting
  • Analyze A/B testing result
  • Edit template
  • Full analytical functions

Boost sales with flexible analytical functions and
strategies matching customers

  • Analyze results of measures with CRM function
  • Detailed information for each member
  • Schedule promotion email

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Front Screen

Full of stress-free functions that make customers want to shop more

For more information,
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High extensibility to meet the latest trends and needs


ecbeing, an EC site construction package, offers you various choice that meet the latest trends and needs.
Our flexible offers:
“Global support/ Cross-border EC”, “Omni-channel”, “Shopping mall combination ”, “Core system combination”, “Centralization of corporate site”, “Support various settlement methods” and etc.
Pragmatic offers that are not words on paper and high extensibility to visualize them are reasons why people choose ecbeing.

Japan’s largest-scale resource
Over 400 developers and
100 marketing support staff


We, SOFTCREATE HOLDINGS GROUP, hold the development and customization team of 400 engineers to live up to each customer’s need.
Our support is not just with the development team but also with the marketing team of more than 100 members.
With our rich resource and know-how we quickly customize and combine original business functions at a high level.

Largest-scale development team in Japan
Over 400members

Largest-scale marketing team in Japan
Over 100members

How to build up basic functions

Optimize the number of projects
hold by each member

Basic functions that keep evolving
with customers’ needs

Sales-boosting marketing and operation support service


Because ecbeing has support structure for business consultation, WEB promotion and WEB design, ecbeing’s mission is not limited to site constructions and supplying systems.
We’d like to work as your partner and offer long-term support in setting your business on the track of sustainable development and improving it.

With our analytic support and tools combined,
we offer you the speedy PDCA cycle, which
brings higher customer satisfaction and sales.

We follow analysis results and practice PDCA on a monthly basis
to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

More than 40 GAIQ holders

GAIQ(Google Analytics Individual Qualification) is the certification issued by Google that proves your proficiency level at Google Analytics and the general proficiency at digital analysis including the importance of data analysis and its measurement method planning.
As you might know Google Analytics is an advanced digital analysis tool with the overwhelming share in Japan.
Our marketing support team has more than 40 members with GAIQ and they will have a firm grasp on your issues and provide you best solutions so that PDCA circulates smoothly.

Please send us an inquiry for more information and demonstrations

Over 1000 performance
Self-operated data center with high level of security.


EC systems handle highly confidential information such as customer information and sales records.
As ecbeing is a part of SOFTCREATE HOLDINGS GROUP, we are in a position with social responsibility. To ensure the safety use, we have obtained ISMS (Information Security Global Standard) certification with the certification number “IS 97670” and have been proved that we meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 28501:2005 / JIS Q 28501:2006 for an information security management system.
Besides, we have a comprehensive agreement with the security service company, LAC Co., and have regular security inspections by a third party.
We support “PCI DSS”, the global standard of credit card security, as well.
We also have a self-operated data center, which gives customer supports for 24/7.

  • 24/7 support

  • ISMS certification

  • Flawless security room

  • Strong security
    with a third party inspection

  • Intrusion prevention system (IPS) fully equipped

For more information,
please select “meeting/demonstration” at the inquiry form

  • ecbeing SaaS版
  • ecbeing + LAC
インフラも含む、Eビジネスに必要なサービスを ワンストップで提供いたします!

No matter what package you initially install,
additional extensions are always possible.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, functions, price and etc.

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